Bayer Leverkusen and Real Madrid Jersey On Final UCL 2001

Real Madrid Jersey
Real Madrid Jersey

Today, Wednesday May 7 2014 Bayer Leverkusen 14-15 home kit released. Bayer Leverkusen official choose Adidas to make their team home kit. Before released, Bayer Leverkusen 14-15 home kit ever have leaked.

Design Bayer Leverkusen home kit for 2014-2015 almost same with last season. Home shirt use red and black color, this is common color, however can called traditional color for club. The Bayer Leverkusen 14-15 jersey home kit is sponsored by Electronic Manufacture from Asia, LG . And the previous is sponsored by LG too.Bayer Leverkusen 2014-2015 Home Kit Truly Released, Bayer Leverkusen 14-15 home kit Red / Black.

This The New Bayer Leverkusen 14-15 home kit by Adidas, Bayer Leverkusen 14-15 home kit is dominated by red color. Main color combine with soft black as horizontal strips, there are 7 stripes only on front. Adidas always include 3 stripes as iconic. And in this shirt there are 3 black stripes on the sleeves.

LG logo is designed big lettering by white color. And logo of Adidas is black. On the back like a old design, have horizontal line under the collar and lettering “werksell” is placed over the horizontal line. The short and the socks color match with the shirt, they use red and black color.

Bayer Leverkusen is team who ever losted by Real Madrid in Final Champions League 2001/2002. Goal Real Madrid made by Zinedine Zidane, at the moment Real Madrid Jersey is white and Bayern Leverkusen use black mix red same with their jersey this season.

For today, Real Madrid and Bayern Leverkusen has different level. Leverkusen can not play or get the best performance like some last season ago. Real Madrid can keep their performance, they too get two trophy Champions League in 2013/2014 and 2015/2016 season. This season they fight on final with Juventus from Italy.

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